What's an Onvo?

You may have noticed a friendly figure flying around our stores and sitting at the top of our logo. Well, that's Onvo.

Onvo is your companion for every journey, whether your destination is near or far. Onvo is attentive, entrusted with a job it takes very, very seriously. Its wide eyes watch over its home making sure everything is as it is meant to be; inviting and pleasant. This is Onvo’s ultimate goal. To offer a comforting place for you—a champion of the roadways—to stop, relax, and maybe treat yourself to a freshly brewed coffee because you’ve only had one cup today anyway.

But Onvo is more than just our mascot. The name Onvo represents a commitment to creating a positive impact through great customer service, community engagement, and quality products. Any time you see an Onvo, you can expect that your experience will be three things: always quick, always kind, and always convenient.

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Our Company's History

Founded in 1988, Onvo—formerly known as Liberty—is a family business with its roots in Northeast Pennsylvania. The Onvo story begins 35 years ago with the first truck stop just outside of Scranton, PA in a town called Tunkhannock. Since then, the Onvo team has built a network of travel plazas, convenience stores, and restaurants dedicated to serving the travelers of Pennsylvania, New York, and beyond. As of 2022, the Onvo family of businesses now includes 40 travel plazas and gas stations, 24 quick-service and full-service restaurants, petroleum distribution, and 6 hotels in Pennsylvania and Upstate New York.
First location, Tunkhannock, PA
Established petroleum distribution business and became an Exxon distributor
First Quick Service Restaurant, Subway, Harford, PA
First Hotel, Holiday Inn Express, Gibson, PA
First Burger King, Gouldsboro, PA
First Marriott Fairfied Inn & Suites, Stroudsburg, PA
Relocated HQ to Scranton, PA
First Travel Plaza in New York, McGraw, NY
First IHOP, White Haven, PA
40 Travel Plazas, 24 Restaurants, and 6 Hotels!

Our Mission

Onvo's mission is to provide our guests with exceptional service that is always quick, always kind, and always convenient.

We do this by offering clean and safe facilities, a vibrant atmosphere, and service with a smile. Part of what makes Onvo so special is our team's dedication to this mission. It's what guides our team and helps ensure that our guests have the best experience, every time.

Our Values

As a team, we live by our core values. From our frontline workers all the way up to our leadership team, we all hold ourselves up to the standards outlined in our five core values:

Do It Once, Do It Right
Be the Best at What You Do
Act with Integrity
Exceed All Expectations
Be a Team Player

Our Commitment to Our Guests

Onvo is nothing without our dedicated guests! Our highest priority is providing a safe and friendly experience at every location, every time. At Onvo, we aren’t in the business of gas or coffee. We're in the business of Happiness and Convenience. At the intersection of Happiness and Convenience, you’ll always find an Onvo®

Our Dedication to Our Team

At Onvo, we work tirelessly to support our team's wellness, happiness, and development. This means offering a generous benefits package, advancement opportunities, and flexible scheduling. As an organization, we are dedicated to empowering our team by providing plenty of opportunities for growth.

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