Onvo Nominates NEPA Schools for Educational Grant, $12,000 Donated!

January 19, 2021

We’re excited to announce that each of the 24 schools we nominated for the 2020 ExxonMobil® Educational Alliance Grant have been awarded $500!

Every year, Onvo nominates schools throughout the region for the ExxonMobil® Educational Alliance Grant. The goal of the Educational Alliance grant is to provide schools with funds to put towards supporting science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education in the classroom. We’re firm believers in investing in the communities we serve, and we’re happy to do so by helping our local schools purchase the tools needed to provide a more advanced STEM education in the classroom.

Jonestown Elementary faculty with their Educational Alliance grant check!

The schools who are awarded this grant put this money towards tools, technology, or hands on learning experiences that help students get a better grasp on complex mathematical and scientific topics. This year, MMI Preparatory School has used their grant money to purchase Circuit Scribe circuit drawing pens and refills to provide an innovative and immersive experience when teaching students about electricity and the inner workings of electronics. In the past, schools have used the grant money to fund field trips, purchase state of the art calculators, and hire guest lecturers.

Pine Grove Area High School Science Department with their ExxonMobil Educational Alliance Poster

As dedicated members of the community, it’s our responsibility to ensure the youth of Northeast Pennsylvania have access to all of the tools they need to get the education they deserve. We do our best to nominate schools from each of the communities we serve. This year, our list consisted of schools from the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area, Susquehanna county, and throughout the Poconos. The list of schools who’ve received the ExxonMobil® Educational Alliance Grant is as follows:

Blue Ridge High School

Cedar Crest High School

Holy Cross High School

Jefferson Elementary School

Jonestown Elementary School

Juniata Senior High School

Martin L. Mattei Middle School

MMI Prep

Mt. View High School

North Pocono High School

Our Lady of Peace

Penn Kidder Elementary School

Pine Grove Area High School

Riverside Elementary West

South Abington Elementary School

Stroudsburg High School

Susquehanna Community Jr/Sr High School

Susquenita High School

Tobyhanna Elementary

Wallenpaupack Area Elementary School

Weatherly High School

Western Wayne High School

Wyoming Valley Montessori

Zephyr Elementary School